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Always interested in "paying it forward", Dan publishes monthly newsletters on a complimentary basis.

Newsletters can be accessed below.

What are readers saying about Dan's Newsletters?

"Dear Dan,

As an experienced sales leader for over 16 years, I constantly look for ways to help myself and my sales teams be better and more successful. I've been following your articles for a number of months now and want to tell you that you provide excellent insight and advice that is concise and highly useable. I am looking forward to a time when I can bring you in to actively help us with our opportunities.

Thank you!..."

"Dear Dan,

I am a sales manager for a nationally renowned business-to-business enterprise. I make your newsletters mandatory reading before every Monday morning's call-in. I use the telephone time to quiz and reinforce the concepts you have highlighted for that week, and it has been very useful.


  • Do you want to use the Dan's newsletters in your publication or on your web site? If so, please include the bio box at the end of the article, which is: "Daniel Adams, author of Building Trust, Growing Sales, and creator of Trust Triangle Selling(tm) helps corporations improve their profits by optimizing the performance of their sales teams.  He is a frequent and popular speaker at national sales meetings, workshops and association events.  

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