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    - Dan Adams

Our Founder
Dan Adams is our founder, proudly helping customers make excellent choices for themselves and their companies. Dan honed his sales skills providing multi-million dollar solutions to Fortune 500 and high technology companies over the past 40 years. Currently, Dan is a consultant specializing in teaching salespersons become "Superstars" by way of consultative selling. Dan remembers what it was like to struggle at first as a new sales rep. While selling in the “trenches”, Dan developed his original Trust Triangle Selling theories and created tools to help him implement a sales process based upon trust.
Dan’s Experience
Dan’s sales practices allowed him to enjoy record-setting nominations from GE for outstanding sales achievement. Additionally, GE utilized Dan's skill-set and personality profile as a model for new hires. Moving on to Cisco Systems and Ariba, Inc., Dan demonstrated his command of technology while furthering his extensive experience in enterprise software and medical technology. These accomplishments are directly attributable to Dan's development and implementation of his own Trust Triangle Selling principles.
Motivated by a vision to improve training methodology, Dan left the sales and marketing ranks to found Adams and Associates. Dan developed a refreshingly consultative, direct, and strategic approach to coaching sales teams. In order to achieve the best results for his clients, Dan strictly limits his practice to high technology and healthcare companies whose markets and selling efforts are defined by a complex buying process, high-risk transaction, substantial initial investment and working with senior executives.
Teaching Methodology
Attendees of his Trust Triangle Selling™ workshops will attest that Dan's approach is unique in two major ways. First, he insists on participation from the attendees with a Socratic and challenging approach to learning. Second, he shares the secrets necessary to become a true sales superstar by offering specific, pragmatic and definitive methods and processes. Dan provides templates, letters, charts and time tables which attendees can utilize immediately in their daily practice. Dan details his highly consultative approach to sales in his award-winning new book, Building Trust, Growing Sales.
An Inventor
Always on the forefront on new technology, Dan invented an iPhone app called the Sales Strategizer. Dan developed an intelligent, easy-to-use mobile application providing on-the-spot coaching necessary to drive world-class strategic & consultative selling best practices. This innovative new app helps the user land more big deals, at higher margins, in less time, with greater forecasting accuracy.
Now operating his business from Milwaukee WI, and Naples FL, Dan has traveled nationally and internationally to share best practices with his Trust Triangle Selling™ program. Dan holds a Master of Business Administration and Bachelor of Business Administration degrees from the University of Wisconsin.
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