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    "If you want to know why
    the CXO buys what he buys,
    you have to see the world
    through the CXO’s eyes."


  • Do You Really Know Me? (CxO)
  • What Are The Characteristics of a CxO? How Does Consulting With A CXO Differ From Selling to One?
  • Do Your Homework –- Preparation and the Importance of Research
  • The Importance Of Understanding Your Impact On Your Clients Financial Statements
  • How Do You Quickly Analyze An Annual Report?
  • What Moves Profit/Income? What Moves EPS?
  • What Moves Share Price?
  • How Do Financial Statement Impact Leads To KPI’s and Metrics What Are The 3 Key Financial Statements?
  • What Are “Metrics” or “KPI’s” and What Moves Them?
  • What Is The Difference Between Metric’s and KPI’s?
  • What Are The Key Financial Metrics For Your Client?
  • What Are Your Customer’s Revenue, Revenue Sources, Average Discounts, Profit Margins, Mix, and Major Costs?
  • What Are The 5 Major Types Of Business Costs?
  • What Is Benchmarking and Why is it Critical?
  • What Is A CXO Power Matrix™?
  • Why Must You Understand Budgeting?
  • What Is The Difference Between Operating & Capital Budgets? Why Should You Care?
  • Why Is It Essential To Understand The Fiscal Year Of Your Client?
  • How Do You Create A Powerful Business Case?
  • How Do You Create A Powerful Value Analysis?
  • What Is The Difference Between Business Case & Value Analysis?
  • What Are The 10 Secrets Which Superstars Call Upon When Working With Senior Level Executives (CxO's)?
  • What Are The Top CxO Concerns? How Do You Get The Attention Of: CEO's, CFO's, COO's, CIO CPO's?
  • What is a "CxO" Power Letter Letter? How Do You Write A "CxO" Power Letter?
  • What Are The Essential Elements of A CxO Power Letter?
  • What Are The Essential Elements of A CxO Power Phone Script?
  • Why Are There NO QUESTIONS In CxO Meetings?
  • What Are The Top 10 CxO Questions?
  • What Is The CxO Power Message?
  • What Are The 3 R’s?
  • How Do You Get A Meeting With A CxO?
  • What Are The 4 Key CxO Goals-Initial Meeting?
  • What is The Outline For a CxO Meeting?
  • How Do You Prepare For A CxO Meeting?
  • How Do You Follow Up A CxO meeting?
  • How Do You Conduct Yourself At A CxO The Meeting?
  • What Are The Top 2 Initial CxO Meeting Mistakes?
  • What Is The Proper Presentation Format For A CxO Meeting?
  • What Are The Secrets Of Board-Level Selling?
  • How Do You Address The Top CxO Objections?
  • How Do You Respond To: "Don't Go Over My Head To Call On Mr. Big"?
  • What Is Organizational Alignment?
  • What Is An Executive Critical Event Timeline
  • Top 3 CxO Meeting Mistakes
  • What Are The 6 Key Decision Support Tools Used By CxO's?
  • What Role Does A Partner Play? What Are Their Needs?
  • What Role Does A Consultant Play?
  • Who Is The Most Important Person In Consulting With A CxO?
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