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    "We have driven the best practices
    of the Trust Triangle Selling Methodology
    across our entire division, resulting in a
    significant and measurable improvement
    in our orders, margins and forecasting accuracy."
    - Jeff Rains, Vice President
    Sales and Marketing, Becton Dickinson

There are many qualified sales trainers out there. As you examine your training options, you will be better off if you analyze your needs thoroughly. Consider what constitutes successful sales training. You may want to consider the following three criteria when evaluating your sales training options.

Successful training is based upon three major criteria:

  • Is it highly customized for your specific needs and particular industry and business?
  • Does it contain best practices in the form of letters, templates and forms that can be deployed instantly by the sales team?

    The Experience, Quality and Credibility of the Trainer.

  • Will the trainer be respected by your most senior reps?
  • Is the trainer simply a for-hire “facilitator” of the material?
  • Does the trainer have extensive credibility earned from many years of record breaking success in the industry?
  • Did the trainer “write the book” on the topics to be covered in the training?

    Sales Management, Marketing Management and Senior Executives "Buy-in", Support & Reinforcement.

  • Will management and marketing participate in the training workshops?
  • What are the plans for reinforcing the best practices to be delivered in the training?

After evaluating the above criteria you can better assess whether your sales trainer has something truly unique to offer relative to your business requirements. Our clients tell us we are unique in the following respects:


"Building Trust, Growing Sales"

Immediate Results:

Danial Adams, our founder and creator of Building Trust, Growing SalesTrust Triangle Selling™ and author of Building Trust, Growing Sales™, will personally conduct the workshops for your team. The fact that the originator and author of BTGS leads the workshop is extremely rare in the sales training industry. Typically, training sessions are delivered by an independent hire or a “facilitator.” Attendees have said they find Dan to be a "dynamic," "charismatic" and "fascinating" speaker with a "deep radio voice." Many have said, "The speaker is the best part of this course," and that "Dan is great at motivating us to sell at the highest levels of integrity." They especially enjoy hearing Dan's stories "from the trenches."

In the classroom, our “Socratic” approach insists upon interactive feedback and individual participation resulting in faster, deeper behavioral change. Participants invite the lively exchange, commenting that it “keeps them on their toes” and “creates a steep learning curve.” Break-out groups and role play demand attendee involvement, resulting in a more complete assimilation of Dan's material than one might expect in a lecture-type setting.

At the end of each program, Dan asks audience members to evaluate the workshop and his performance, along with assessing their 'take-a-ways.' After giving hundreds of workshops, Dan's feedback has been incredibly positive. 99% of attendees were either satisfied or extremely satisfied with the course, and would recommend it to others. Dan would be happy to share his actual evaluation forms with you upon request. He will even invite you to contact many of the attendees directly. Much of the feedback may be accessed on the Testimonials page of this web site.




ur customized training results in immediate improvement. The difference can be translated into instant sales team effectiveness, resulting in an increase in your company’s profits. Our clients attest that “The financial impact of Dan’s training on the performance of my team has been astounding. Our total sales orders’ growth and margins went from last to first in the US.”

Further, our longstanding relationships with global leaders demonstrate the effectiveness of our training solutions. Trust Triangle Selling™ provides long-term solutions and conscientious follow–up with our clients, resulting in mutually beneficial professional longevity. In addition, managers report an increase in forecast accuracy using Dan's "Critical Event Time Line" and "BMPCC" qualification methodology, resulting in operational efficiency and financial stability.



e cannot profess that we are “experts” if we try to be all things to all people. We at Adams and Associates are very selective when choosing partners. It is in everyone’s best interests to turn away any client who does not fall within our area of expertise. Our consulting practice is strictly limited to working with clients whose markets and selling efforts are defined by one or more of the following categories:

  • Business to Business
  • High Technology
  • Long, Complex Customer Buying Process
  • High-Risk Transactions
  • Healthcare Technology & Services
  • Substantial Initial Investment
  • Highly Educated Customers
  • Selling To Top Officers of Major Corporations

If we are not the appropriate expert given your needs, we are happy to help you find someone who is. If you are looking for experts in the field of sales, ask about their qualifications and relevant selling experience. How many sales jobs have they had and for how long? What revenue did they bring in for their company? How does it compare to industry averages? Were the experts selling a product or a service? Business to business, or directly to consumers? What were their major wins, and how did they achieve their positive results? What failures did they endure and how did they overcome them? What is the best way to educate today's sales force, in their opinion? How will they make the learning "stick?"

Ask for plenty of references and call them all.


Total Solutions:


rom diagnostics of current marketing weaknesses, design, training, implementation and reinforcement, we offer the critical components needed to maximize the impact of the training and create a robust sales culture. For example, a "Strategic Value Proposition” is key to building a customized marketing program for any business. Its principles are to be embraced by the sales reps, resulting in a uniform presentation of your company’s benefits and solutions.




lients choose us because we provide training that is relevant to each audience while still providing core consistency across the organization. We quickly and deeply customize the content of our core comprehensive curriculum using the 11 TTS Learning Modules. This permits us to integrate with our clients' sales challenges, strategies, markets, products, and tools. Customization allows for a deeper understanding of the need for market penetration during the training and contributes greatly to ROI. Sales reps loathe a “one-size-fits-all” approach to sales training. Standardized, facilitator-lead programs are fine for entry level sales training, but your veteran reps will yearn for more.




ur comprehensive, modular, client-need-based curriculum meets our clients' training needs across the board at every stage of the sales cycle, from prospecting to selling, presenting, negotiating, relationship management and coaching. There are 11 TTS Learning Modules. which a client can chose for the ultimate focus on specialized training requirements.




ur training program is the only one which provides the documents needed for a complete integration of our sales programs. Our templates include draft letters, time lines, matrices, sample marketing plans, and specific decision process tools. As a result, our clients receive a ready-made curriculum for reinforcement and continuous growth. Sales reps clamor for help with correspondence and organization of the sales process. Dan provides ready-made tools, hard and soft copies, for immediate implementation in your rep's office.




s products and services become more commoditized, selecting the right methodology is essential. Many clients currently cannot find what they need from National Programs. Instead, they require a methodology that offers:

  • Assistance with their go-to market messaging (Value Proposition) that resonates and differentiates
  • A trust-based approach as its core
  • A focus on major opportunity strategy
  • A program veteran reps will embrace
  • A unique competitive advantage
  • Delivered by a highly credible expert with 30 years of experience.
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    ounder Dan Adams, is an award-winning professional speaker, author, and consultant who draws upon more than 30 years of experience in the field of sales and marketing. Having honed his sales skills selling multimillion dollar solutions for Fortune 500 and high technology companies over the past 30 years, Dan has authored the silver medal-winning book Building Trust, Growing Sales™, lauded by Gerhard Gschwandtner, Founder and Publisher of Selling Power Magazine as:

    "A terrific, practical, strategic and tactical playbook for sales professionals that is filled with templates, sample letters and effective tools that can be put to use immediately to close more sales."

    In addition, Dan authors and publishes a monthly newsletter through his company Adams & Associates, and has published numerous thought-provoking articles on topics unique to Consultative and Strategic Selling. Dan is also a frequent and popular speaker at national sales meetings, workshops and association events.

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