Trust Triangle Selling - Secrets of the Sales SuperStars!


Ask your sales representatives:
"What is your strategy to WIN this major opportunity?"

What will their response be…

  • "Lower our price"
  • "Take a site visit"
  • "Bring in one of our executives"
  • "Send revised pricing"
  • "Wait for them to tell me the next steps"
  • "I have a call into them"
  • "Give them some free product as an incentive"
  • "Take 'em golfing"?

You have a right to be frustrated with any one of these answers. Instead, how about teaching them the skills necessary to be SUPERSTARS?

Adams and Associates has created a course specifically for sales leaders who want to learn Trust Triangle Selling's best practices and to coach their sales teams accordingly.

Cutting edge content from Trust Triangle Selling will teach you how to address the following questions:
  • How do you define the concepts of Trust Triangle Selling?
  • How do you demonstrate the unique principles of Trust Triangle Selling?
  • How do you determine the most effective strategy?
  • How do you teach "Selling Value" rather than lowering price?
  • How do you reinforce the utility of these best practices?
  • How do you teach involvement in the customer's decision process?
  • What is the best way to coordinate the use of product specialists, engineers, and senior level executives?
  • How do you utilize Trust Triangle Selling skills when making sales calls together?
  • What is the best way to perform account reviews with your team?
  • How do you get the team to focus on long term value versus initial cost?
  • How do you promote ethics and integrity in the process?


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