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Clips of Dan during a recent workshop. They may take a few moments to load.

To view these videos you need QuickTime. Download the free QuickTime player.

Command of consultative selling He who drives the process wins.
People make decisions emotionally then justify them rationally Session fun
8 strategies to deploy How a Close Plan Letter is used
Price Objections The importance of Three Letters
5 simple things to set strategy Build credibility and trust
How to deal with cockroaches, er, consultants    

These clips demonstrate several of the topics Dan discusses in his workshops:

The importance of uncovering, establishing, documenting and driving the Customers Decision Process. The keys to consultative vs. traditional (old world) selling approaches.
When to review your product/solutions technical, features functions benefits. What is included in a Close Plan letter.
A powerful consultative selling tool: Tradeoffs. "I want to look at your competitor!"
Why each major opportunity needs a sales strategy. Negotiation best practices.

Here’s a bonus clip of how Dan gives back to children and stays in shape:

Dan gives back by teaching children the value of health, physical fitness and hard work in his educational and entertaining program called “Learning The Ropes”.  Dan is one of the best freestyle rope jumpers in the world.  This is a short clip of Dan demonstrating his skills for a gym packed with 650 grade school children.

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