Trust Triangle Selling - Secrets of the Sales SuperStars!


Dan has been a keynote speaker for major global corporations and such institutions as Northwestern Graduate School of Business in Chicago, Loyola University, NAPM (National Association of Purchasing Managers) and CIO conferences. General Electric's managerial team touts Dan as its most popular sales speaker. Dan polished his public speaking prowess in several television and group appearances. Dan's direct approach is injected with humor and audience participation to ensure that concepts are fully internalized and practiced. Discover Dan's sales secrets in his "Trust Triangle Selling™…SECRETS OF THE SALES SUPERSTARS™ engagement. Or ask Dan to customize his content to address other popular sales topics. You will be enlightened and delighted!

Dan Adams During Sales Training


What makes a truly great sales representative? What are his unique personal attributes? How does he dominate the market? What strategies and tactics does he deploy? What are the Secrets of the Sales Superstars™?

Adams and Associates embarked on a quest to discover the answers to these questions. Exhaustive research was conducted spanning several industries in search of the secrets of sales superstars. Enterprise software, health care, technology, manufacturing, services, consumer products, travel and entertainment were several of the industries surveyed and studied.

Adams and Associates analyzed the data obtained and made several startling conclusions. Dan will uncover the Secrets of the Superstars in an entertaining and illuminating speaking engagement. Help your sales/marketing team become Superstars too!


Dan is also uniquely qualified to speak on the following topics:

  • Selling Value
  • Selling to Senior Executives
  • Consultative Selling
  • Strategic Selling
  • Closing
  • Vaporizing Objections™

Please contact Dan to request customized content for your keynote speaking requirements.

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