Trust Triangle Selling - Secrets of the Sales SuperStars!


Dan has garnered personal and professional accolades during the course of his Sales Training seminars. Several comments are highlighted below:

From attendees in St. Pete's Beach, FL

The Bottom Line Value:  I would recommend this workshop to a colleague.

                Agree or Strongly Agree – 100%



¨          LinkedIn – “Building Currency”

¨         Highly interactive.  Put people on the spot to help drive home the skills

¨         New approaches to steer opportunities toward a win.  My rules…..  Need to enforce, don’t give in.

¨         Reprogramming of the mindset to high-level strategic approach

¨         Tactics and techniques to address the CxO

¨         Tools to use in getting access to the CxO

¨         How to prepare for my CxO meetings

¨         The review of Level 1.  Much better than expected

¨         Learning the techniques for working with the CxO level plus the tools and templates provided.

¨         Review of research and strategies

¨         Interactivity

¨         Review of key concepts

¨         Taking things to the next level

¨         Discussing the specifics of dealing with the C level

¨         Idea generation discussion examples and the application of ideas

¨         CxO Engagement and trust building concepts

¨         Tools and discussion – AWESOME

¨         We MUST learn to sell at this level   

¨         Building comfort around approaching the CxO

¨         Open discussion and problem solving

¨         Best Practices and Dialogue on how to approach all aspects of a project



¨          BMPCC

¨         LinkedIn Review

¨         CxO Power tools – great stuff combined with speaking CFO language to gain access CxO trust

¨         CxO Access

¨         Improved presentation agenda format.  Much better than what we do today.

¨         Tools

¨         Power Matrix, Financial Numbers, Benchmarking, Use of technology to drive more benefit

¨         How to use the CxO Power Matrix to develop and opportunity and create a story

¨         How to get to the CxO and more specifically what to say when you get the meeting!  This is the only class of its kind!!!

¨         Power Letter – Using Quotes

¨         Various e-tools for info

¨         Need executive access

¨         “Half the time, Twice the Benefit” – Building shorter, more concise presentations

¨         3-R’s:  Research, Reference, Request Opinion

¨         CxO Power Matrix

¨         Power Letter, Power Call

¨         CxO Meeting Prep Guide

¨         How to Prepare

¨         3-R’s

¨         The research aspect for gathering data.  This was new to me and will be extremely helpful.



  • Awesome class, thank you!
  • Next year we will share success stories
  • Great Stuff!  Thanks Dan!


From attendees in Philadelphia, PA:

(Net Promoter Score: All (100%) agreed or strongly agreed that they would recommend this workshop to a colleague)

General Comments:

  • "Thank you!
  • Great Job Dan!
  • Such a great use of my time. Thank you Dan!
  • Very important for management to attend so they appreciate the need for providing sales tool to the team.
  • Really enjoyed it
  • Excellent ADVANCED “Dan Adams” training
  • Thank you for your time. I have again learned valuable ideas that are easy to implement and opened my mind new ways to open doors. I now have new advanced approaches to working with CxO’s
  • Excellent! Best sales training I ever attended
  • Great job directing presentation to our Value Prop
  • Rock star performance
  • Another great job
  • Excellent!
  • Great content and energy
  • These tools work!
  • Can’t wait to coach my team to feel empowered to call on senior execs."

From attendees in Sandy, Utah:

"This has been the best sales training course I have had over my 20
years of sales experience. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to
learn the way to reach customers at the highest level."

"This was a great course that I can utilize today to be more

"Excellent course. Excellent level of information."

"Dan was excellent – made the workshop very interactive. Thank you!"

"In all my years at [this company], this is by far the best sales class I have
taken. It gives us game changing tools that we can use everyday to be
better sales consultants."

"The Best part about this course was…
      -Tactics learned to contact the CxO in my accounts
      -New strategies I learned to change the way I sell
      -The Trust Triangle
      -Power Letters

      -Resource letters and documents
      -Repetition and review to insure we understood
      -Key talking points to use with CxO’s
      -All the best practices and resources

More feedback:

I just wanted to let you know that I heard from a sales person who just finished up the course and their comment was "best 2 days spent in years".  

Looking forward to the course in San Diego.

Tony F.

National Sales Training and Operations Manager/Sales


I would strongly recommend that you invite Dan Adams to work with your teams. You will not be disappointed. Dan's "homerun" content focuses on the need-to-know secrets required to access key executives, sell value, control the sale, deploy proper strategy, handle objections, negotiate and close the sale. Dan's theories can be utilized immediately to win major deals. Chris MacDonald and I believe Dan is a shining star in the sales training field.

Ken Corso
Regional Sales Manager

Dan Adams - Training Seminar

Dan -

I was very impressed with the simplicity and insightfulness of your presentation - having been in the field selling for over 16 years I have never seen a presentation that distills the steps and strategies down so well."

Teresa Statue
New York State/New Jersey - Regional Sales Manager


Nothing short of a surgeon's scalpel! Great material... to the point... no BS. A "How To" session. Great job!


Greg Matre
Account Manager


Thanks for your guidance and coaching to the Leadership Team yesterday!

Your program was insightful and entertaining with many takeaways.

We have already begun reinforcing what you have taught to ASTP, including the form letters you've shared with us.

I look forward to having you bring your program to my entire team. I expect that your process will lead to better forecasting and a greater utilization of resources to sell value to the customers in the Northwest.


Bill Cassidy
Northwest Region Manager


I want to take a moment to personally thank you. I had just attended your Newport RI class. I am new to GE and the medical field. Your strategies and tactics will be extremely helpful to me and my success in my territory and within GE. It was one of the best Sales/Consulting seminars I have taken. Thank you.


Michael Picarello
Account Manager
New York City

Dan, it was a pleasure having you present your course to our team in Newport. I've been selling capital equipment (and been in sales management) for 30 years and the information you presented reinforced many great best practices that we forget or haven't tried before. Just wanted to say thanks and the course was a great boost with enlightening, thought provoking information! It will be a great help.

Thanks again,

Fritz Dehn
Account Manager


I just wanted to thank you for spending your time with us and sharing your best practices that have made you successful throughout your selling career. I have had the opportunity throughout my sales career to sit in on hundreds of training classes and yours by FAR was the best I have ever seen! You are a true PRO and an inspiration for me. Best of luck to you and your consulting engagements.

Thanks again,

Michael Brasley
Radiology Account Manager


Thank you so much for coming in to spend time with our TSLP class. As you heard from all of us, it was clearly the most effective sales training course we have been exposed to. I've already implemented some of your tips the past two days being back out in the field. I've got to say, it was quite a let down when we had a class on Saturday that didn't come close to yours.

Jill Butler
Account Manager

Dan's pupils may be in the best position to serve as professional references. Post-seminar surveys tell the story--100% have responded EXTREMELY SATISFIED or SATISFIED with Dan's courses.

Some of the direct quotes are as follows:

(From a training program for business leaders in a Fortune 500 Health Care Company)

General Comments:

  • Excellent training course to improve our selling skills.  Great pocket guides to use as a resource

  • I greatly appreciate the opportunity to have attended this class!


  • Outstanding course – big impact in a short time.

  • Excellent course. 

  • Absolutely great training

  • Liked the iPhone app

  • Great material.  I liked the way it was presented.

  • Great course

  • Terrific culture change!  It was very appropriate to have RM’s and iXR Business Leaders as a part of the training/culture change

  • Need more distribution of this course throughout the organization

  • Great course.  Really hope it will be rolled out to AM’s

  • Need more time.  Could have used another 2 days!


  • More time to work on each topic

  • Could have been 1.5 days.

  • AM’s need to be on board and RM’s need to endorse this mindset.

  • Excellent course!!  The best so far that I have attended.  Every AM should be required to attend.

  • Fantastic!  Loved it!  Wished I had this 5 years ago.

  • Thanks!  Very good!

  • More CxO discussion (Adams:  TTS Level II)

  • Great workshop.  Look forward to implementation

  • One of the best sales programs I’ve attended.  I would like it rolled out to the AM’s

  • I want the next level workshop

  • Great course!

  • Having the AM’s attend with us would have been great.

  • Needs to be expanded to AM’s for maximum results

  • Hit the right level – very good for AM’s and inexperienced specialists  (Adams:  TTS Level II needed)


Best Part of The Workshop:


  • Opened my mind to new ideas and to approach every sales process in a different way

  • Learning the fine art of negotiating like a superstar

  • All of the lessons learned can rally apply and can be implemented into everyday business

  • The interaction with the audience, real live examples and discussions

  • The “realness” of this training

  • The concept of trust and building relationships with our customer & the tools provided

  • Concepts are practical and could be implemented tomorrow

  • The interaction and ideas

  • Dan is and innovative speaker who engages the group with material and ideas that can be implemented immediately and are relevant to everyday situations

  • About real time situation selling, thinking better about the sales process

  • Tools, interaction during the class, examples

  • Interaction with Dan and the group.  Foster new ideas on managing accounts and AM’s

  • Tools for building trust.  Building the critical event timeline.  Handling the price objection

  • Trust Triangle and building trust

  • All of the tools

  • Pricing section

  • Price deflection, Trust Triangle, Letters

  • Dan has real world experiences that relate to our world

  • Trust Triangle is Great Role play with tools to back up the best practices.  Love the letters!

  • The overall selling perspective!

  • Great best practices and a really heavy dose of what it takes to be a great salesperson.

  • Best practices in a real world application.  Selling as a top performer through the eyes of the AM

  • Relevant to my business.  Real world situation, tools and guidelines

  • Learning with real life examples

  • Focus on customer letters and presentation tips

  • Provided very useful materials to use in practice

  • Excellent sequence for sales training

  • Reinforced best practices with proof and examples

  • Specific experience of the leader

  • Simple breakdown of steps dealing with difficult customer interactions

  • Made me review how I can drive the customers buying process

  • Learning the on the spot tactics and follow up procedures

  • Price negotiation – 4 steps

  • Critical Event Timeline

  • How to negotiate

  • Trust Triangle

  • Learning new techniques

  • Real world strategy and role play models.  A strong tool bag was also provided that I will use heavily.

  • This would be HIGHLY valuable for our AM’s

  • There was no best part of this course.  The WHOLE COURSE was valuable and a great learning tool.  It will change the way I sell.

  • AM’s should attend this course.

  • Best training in 20 years with Philips

  • Great course.  Thank you-

  • Loved the course, loved the style

  • Very appropriate for AM’s RM’s Specialists

  • Definitely will create “Superstars” if followed closely and adapted as a routine practice


Key Concept That I Will Use Immediately


  • The resource letters!  The 4 steps to handling the price objection

  • Price negotiation and objection handling

  • Qualify the customer early and ask the questions that guide my reactions

  • The Trust Triangle and the Resource letters

  • The Trust Triangle and account Strategies

  • My Rules, My Field, My Game, My Time

  • Agree (“Sure”) then do what I need to do to win

  • Strategies

  • Handling objections, Trust Triangle, Negotiation Best Practices

  • Strategy, Trust Triangle

  • Defining the Critical event and developing the timeline

  • Handling price objections

  • Gaining commitment and following it with a letter

  • How to perform presentations better

  • Trust Triangle and BMPCC.  These will be used in all my calls.

  • Pricing, Document,  Push back, Gain Trust, Ask Questions

  • Be the driver.  Don’t listen to MOM!  I think we too often let the customer determine what our next step should be.

  • Using the Trust Triangle to understand the customer landscape and then use BMPCC answers to develop a successful strategy

  • Forms, templates, timelines & handling pricing issues

  • Customer letters.  Gaining trust via dialog with customers to set the stage for price negotiations

  • Critical Event Timeline

  • Training AM’s to deal with a customer who says “Send me a quote”

  • Developing an iXR business plan

  • Appropriate answers to specific questions

  • Become and advisor

  • I will not approve any price discounts without understanding the Trust Triangle and the price negotiation process.  P.O. must be committed by customer BEFORE pricing is approved:  Quid pro quo.

  • How to push back “diplomatically” on a customer demands

  • Price negotiation strategy








  • BMPCC gives us a simple process to follow with the AM’s

  • Customer letters


(From a sales training program in Chicago, IL)

  • Best training I’ve ever had. Can’t wait to utilize my new tools.

  • In my 13 years of selling, this is the most applicable, pertinent training I have received.

  • The freshest and most useful training I have ever received.

  • Top 10% of all the corporate training I have attended in 20 years.

  • Best two day investment in my career I have ever attended.

  • Best and most useable I’ve been involved with over a 20 year sales career.

  • I appreciate Dan’s attention to detail, and look forward to the next session.

  • Great class!! Thank you!

  • Excellent. Thanks!

  • Dan was outstanding and professional. This approach will truly take our reps to the next level.

  • I learned so much. I loved the advanced approach to becoming a consultant.

  • Great class! Well done!

  • Terrific book, and great learning tools that we can use as needed.

  • My ROI of time and scarce resources will benefit me and my company from this point forward.

  • Outstanding!

  • Dan is very credible and charismatic. I learned a lot and enjoyed the presentation very much.

  • Loved it. Thanks so much.

  • Overall the workshop was a big hit for me. Dan is a “Superstar”.

  • Excellent Course.

  • I began using the materials after reading the book with good success.

  • Great Class!

  • Very good presentation! Very valuable information and techniques provided.

  • Very informative, will read the book again.

  • Strong Impact! Can’t wait to start trying these new concepts in real world situations.

  • Loved it. Great job, Dan. You have given me my first all-encompassing model to view selling. I do not believe I will ever need a different one. Thanks.

  • Would like to go to the next level. I want to be a Super Star!

  • I am very enthusiastic about implementing what I have learned with my large accounts!

  • I’ve attended three or four external strategic training events, and this was by far the most beneficial. Thank you!

  •  Very interactive. Dan keeps you engaged and focused entirely.

  • Excellent training course. I learned a great deal!


(From training program in Baltimore, MD)

  • Best course I have seen in 20 years!  Period!

  • This will increase our close rate, improve our forecasting and help meposition our products.

  • Fantastic course,  Excited to implement this!

  • Honestly, the best, most practical sales process management course that Ihave every attended!

  • Dan is an enjoyable speaker to learn from.

  • Very professional delivery and an amazing course!

  • Awesome course!  (and I have been to many!)  Thank you.

  • On a scale of one to 10, this course was a 10!!

(From training program in Orlando, Florida):

•  "Loved it!"

•  "Excellent Course A - 10"!

•  "THE best selling course I have ever attended - in line with every goal I try to achieve  --  Thank you"!

•  "This was an extremely effective course -wonderful course.  We need more of this training".


•  "Best class EVER".

•  "Best sales training I have had".

•  "Roll this out nationwide so the entire team is speaking the same language".

•  "Thank you for your time and dedication to raising our sales team to a new level of excellence".

•  "We want Dan's "Selling to Senior Executives" course"! It s hould also be used for experienced reps and managers so they all understand the process".

•  "Second time I have attended and it was a great reinforcement".

•  "I want your book when it comes out"!

•  "Information given out is outstanding, including the CD's, Video, Binder, and Templates"

(From a Training Program in New York, New York):

  • "This was the first "REAL" sales training that I attended. It was terrific."

  • "True sales requirements are discussed. Focuses on what is "real life" in the world."

  • "Gave me many more new strategies."

  • "Should be mandatory for all sales reps"

  • "This should be required prior to any other course."

  • "Very relevant given the speakers' past experience"

  • "Need more time"

  • "Very positive"

  • "Very engaging speaking style"

  • "Slides are logical, legible and pertinent"

(From training program in Waukesha, WI):

  • "Inspiring and motivational"

  • "The consultative problem solving approach is the only effective way to sell capital equipment"

  • "Great energy"

  • "Concise, has real life situations and was logical."

  • "Powerful information"

  • "Realistic to our every day environment"

  • "Course brings the basics of selling to the forefront and makes you think instead of react."

  • "Simple, usable, practical information."

  • "Get the full-line and VIP's trained with this information."

  • "Very concrete examples of things that I can change and teach my reps"

(From Regional Sales Managers' Course in Milwaukee, WI):

  • "Real solutions you can implement immediately"

  • "Powerful summary of essential techniques that you need to know"

  • "Easy and well structured training"

  • "Totally on the mark"

  • "To the point, relevant ideas, tools"

  • "Clear command of topic"

  • "Full line reps & Regional Managers need this training"

  • "Brings focus appropriately"

(From Full Line Account Managers, Kansas City, MO):

  • "The pyramid puts it all in perspective"

  • "Excellent, eye opening"

  • "Common sense focus on practical aspects of selling"

  • "This is for every specialist, new or old"

  • "Very relevant to day to day job"

  • "I think field reps should have this course right before they hit the field with follow-up in 6 months."

  • "I know how to ask my reps the right questions"

  • "Great knowledge of how and why customers buy"

  • "Fresh perspectives"

  • "I need more"

(From Health Care Services, Miami, Florida):

  • "This course blew away our previous GEMS training classes!"

  • "Full of tangible advice with real-world examples."

  • "Best course I have taken"

  • "Dan was the best instructor we have had BY FAR!"

  • "Dan is extremely credible with REAL, practical advice"

  • "I'm going to start using this stuff today!"

  • "Dan's energy and enthusiasm was contagious and his credibility was obvious."

  • Very different than other courses. It will give you info that you can use immediately."

(From Cardiac Specialist Group, St. Louis, MO):

  • "The instructor has a great wealth of knowledge and truly wants members of the class to succeed."

  • "I will use Dan's approach to sales"

  • "Most valuable course I have taken-BLOW'S THE OTHER AWAY!"

  • "Completely changes my outlook on certain deals"

  • "Loss stories were valuable, helped hit home the topics"

  • "Real world examples were great"

  • "Personal stories and constant challenging questioning of the class were great"

  • "This class has changed my outlook on sales and changing is hard."

(From CT Specialist Group, Las Vegas, Nevada):

  • "I'll be reviewing and referencing the material from this course all the time"

  • "Dan knows what it takes to succeed, knows the business and has a great approach to sharing it"

  • "This will change my entire approach to my job"

  • "Concise true best practice material that is easy to understand"

  • "Very applicable, Insightful"

  • "Real-high level sales skills from the best!"

  • "Great teacher-straight shooter"


  • "IT WAS FABULOUS! Can't think of any improvements"

  • "My HSAM team needs this training"

(From Sales Manager Group, Rhode Island):

  • "Concrete executable strategy supported by excellent tactics"

  • "Great discussions"

  • "The most applicable course I have taken"

  • "Best training I have had"

  • "He knows his stuff"

  • "Awesome!"

  • "Very organized, it made sense"

  • "The content is GREAT. I have never seen this approach."

  • "I want my entire team to go through this training"

  • "It elevated my skills and therefore my teams skills"

  • "This will help us win and get price"

  • "Outstanding"

  • "Great for new and experienced reps"

(From Health Care Services Account Specialists, Milwaukee, WI):

  • "Dan shows great energy and passion"

  • "Rigorous, methodical approach to selling"

  • "Right on the money!"

  • "We need more"

  • "Great examples"

  • "Super sales skill training that is crucial to the success of GEMS"

  • "These are great skills that I will use to improve the performance level of my team."

  • "Very detailed steps that you can actually put to use in a real-world environment"

  • "Great pace, material was interesting and relevant."

  • "Great real world skills that provide a roadmap to win more business."

  • "Dan's 'been there-done that' at the executive level."

  • "Pragmatic, great examples"

(From High Technology Products and Services Company in Chicago, Illinois:

  • I want to take a minute to thank you for all your efforts.  You have spent numerous hours with our team, and I can say that it has helped me win some really tough deals. In only my rookie year, you made it possible for me to win several million dollar deals while gaining tremendous credibility.  You keep it simple and to the point. 

  • Your approach to sales training has a greater

  • impact than anything else I have attended in decades of sales training.

  • I was significantly impressed by your approach to sales training, te as presented last week at our zone's kick off meeting.  With a background in Xerox, IBM and Quest Diagnostics, I am been privileged to attend various sales training classes. Your program goes well beyond the others as it so very simply identifies the pitfalls and traps which will divert the successful sales superstar.  Your teaching technique certainly keeps the room alive, the time flew by.  I look forward to our three day in-depth class in March.”

(From a Health Care Services Company in MD)

  • "I can't wait to start coaching my team with these tools. I am hoping BD adds this as a College of Sales class so I can take the complete course. I would also like my reps to have the opportunity to take this course."

  • "Excellent seminar - this concept of building trust is absolutely/paramount to our success. It really rises above other selling courses.

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