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Dan actively engages attendees, inviting lively and spirited exchanges. In order to maximize the effectiveness of his Socratic method, the room configuration is essential.

A large comfortable conference room with seating to accommodate the number of attendees should be arranged in the "Chevron" layout below.


Chevron Layout for Training Seminars

Large Comfortable Conference Room:

Chevron Seating Layout (see diagram)
Window Shades to eliminate bright sunlight
Lunch & Breaks (2 in AM and 2 in PM)
Bar Stool at front of room

Skirted table for materials


AV Requirements:

Computer Projector
Speakers/Sound System For Laptop
Lapel Microphone for groups larger than 30
Slide Screen
Extension cord/power strip at front of room
White Board or Flip Chart
Wireless Lavaliere clip-on microphone with fresh batteries
LCD projector (minimum 2000 lumens) and large screen positioned off center or rear projection
Sound system that is able to play computer audio
Table at front of room for projector and laptop
Flip chart and fresh markers
Riser (2 or 3 foot) for audiences greater than 50 people

Course Ownership
Adams & Associates owns all non-customized course content. Without prior authorization, recording devices of any kind will not be permitted in the classroom.

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